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Mission Statement 

Our mission at Oats & Marino is to provide each of our clients with the most effective and highest level of service with their residential and commercial real estate needs. The best interests of our clients will always come first. We will place the clients’ concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to (in each and every closing experience) the development of long-term client relationships. Our team-approach philosophy ensures your needs are important to each and every member of our organization.

The Closing Process 

What to Expect:

After you have applied for your loan, your lender will contact us to request preliminary title work. A title professional will search and examine the public records for information related to your home’s title. A settlement agent with our office will contact all parties involved to gather pertinent information to prepare for your closing. Once your lender gives the final approval for closing, we will contact you and the sellers to schedule the closing. At the closing, we will review all of the closing documents with you and answer any questions you have. Once all of the closing documents have been signed and funds have been disbursed, the sellers will release the keys and any other additional items to you. Congratulations! You are now a homeowner.

What to Bring to Closing:
  1. State law requires the buyer to bring certified funds to closing. Certified funds include certified checks, cashier’s checks, wire transfers or money orders. Personal checks which exceed $2,500 cannot be accepted at closing. We will let you know in advance how much you have to bring to closing so that you can obtain certified funds.
  2. You must also bring valid photo proof of identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.).
  3. If you are signing on behalf of someone else through a power of attorney, unless the power of attorney has already been recorded at the Clerk of Court’s office, you must bring the original power of attorney to closing. The closing attorney and the lender will also have to review any power of attorney in advance of the closing to ensure that it complies with Louisiana law.
  4. Any additional documents required by the lender.

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About Phyllis Roy

Phyllis Roy is a non-legal staff member who administers the Oats & Marino Real Estate Section from its Lafayette office. Previously, she served as the Real Estate Closing Specialist and Closing Supervisor for Andrus Boudreaux, APLC. She is a member of the Realtors Association of Acadiana and the Acadiana Mortgage Lenders Association.

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